Sepsi chair Coseni Nagy-kúria


Sepsi chair Coseni Coseni 120/A, Jud. Covasna

The inheritors revendicated the property in 1992, but by then it was completely ransacked; even the doors and windows were missing from the building. Its current owner, Nagy Tamás, has managed to completely renovate the manor.

The building is composed of five premises: three rooms, a storeroom and a granary. In 1949 it was nationalised, and was subsequently used by the state’s agricultural industry based in Uzon for a few decades. Later it was used to house the guest workers during autumn.

The bathroom was cut out from the large diner. An atmospheric staircase leads to the portico facing west. A sizeable granary lies 200 meters west of the manor. This was once the old residence of the family, built in 1802, where Jókai Mór was once accommodated by Nagy Károly as his guest. After the construction of the new manor it was turned into a granary.




Coseni 120/A, Jud. Covasna

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